The Healing Power of Planet Earth


Health is about more than the absence of disease. Health is an existence under which our physical, mental, nutritional, environmental and spiritual conditions thrive. 

 The body has a propensity towards health. That is our natural condition.

At any point in time we are experiencing either a state of ease [the natural condition] or disease. Disease has it's roots at a level less dense than the physical plane.

Environmental pollutants, disturbances to the mind, emotions and the electro magnetic environment can trigger illness, irregularities in the energy field of the body and poor immune response.

Modern medicine believes that in general disease is caused by bacteria and viruses whereas holistic medicine facilitates the prospect that the microbe is rarely the cause of disease and regularly the effect.

Perhaps we have been conditioned to believe that the cure to any one of our ills lies in the future. That with more investment, experimentation and patience, that which is just out of reach could finally be within our grasp.

What if the secret to a long and happy life was actually discovered a long time ago? What if human health were entirely a natural and self sustaining process supported by the planet we live on?


Ancient Vedic texts describe five elements AETHER, AIR, WATER, FIRE and EARTH from which all life is comprised. The human body was understood to be an amalgam of each.

These unseen forces are directly related to the health and well being of both our bio electric bodies and the earth itself. The health of each being far more closely related than many realize.   The planet that we live upon is an intelligent, self sustaining entity where no thing is left to chance, least of all the continuity of the existence of life.

Health is our birth right and our natural condition. It is governed by a process that begins in nature at an energetic or electrical level. 

An organic process.

When we honour that process, allowing it to unfold unimpeded, health too becomes organic.

Delving into the fundamental, elemental and energetic origins of health and disease, The Healing Power of Planet Earth is an eloquent synthesis of science and spirit that offers an insight into the way the human body works and interacts with it's environment. Encouraging and empowering the people of our time to welcome a symbiotic cycle of healing between themselves and Gaia. 



This book is the soul of the body of natural therapy and medicine. Rachel has traveled the world and through her travels and work she has collated the deepest knowledge of  human health and needs, both physical and spiritual. When reading this book you feel you are walking along side River barefooted through a field of long grass where she is gently talking to you about how to mend yourself. Think of it as the bible of human health and well being. Keep it close and read it often, and Rachel will be walking along side you.

Lesley Casey, Mother and homemaker, UK


This work comes at exactly the right time, for too long people have been dependent on allopathic doctors and pharmaceutical drugs to "cure them". I am seeing more and more dissatisfaction in my role as a Reiki master;  symptoms getting worse, treatments  not working, conditions deteriorating.  Enlightened folk are beginning to question and explore, look for different modalities that may help them.  Often this exploration becomes totally overwhelming, where to start; different modalities, nutrition and lifestyle changes, supplements, herbs, oils.....  many folk give up before they begin. The Healing Power of Planet Earth fills this space. It is exactly what is needed right now. It is concise, easy to read, has just the right amount of information to tweak curiosity but not overwhelm. I would happily  recommend it as essential reading to clients, friends and family.

Elizabeth W, Reiki master


This book reveals hidden and vital truths. It is enthralling, so well researched, intensely interesting and educational.  I am truly amazed at the amount of scientific evidence provided to back up all the practices we holistic healers and therapists believe in. It is awe inspiring to realize how much science and spirituality are in sync. I have already started to implement some of the practices included in the book. The section exploring Dr Royal Raymond Rife particularly resonated with me as his work within the field of quantum healing aligns closely with a technology I am just beginning to work with. Amazing synchronicity.

Kim Weller, Holistic Health Practitioner, Thailand



The time has come to reclaim our health. To reconnect to nature. To aid our innate ability to heal and bring our bodies, minds and spirits back into balance as individuals, staking claim to part of a higher collective consciousness and state of being to which we all truly belong.

Rachel Wild

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