PRIVATE Yoga sessions for individuals and small groups

Because every body is unique and yoga is for everyone.

Private yoga classes are the ideal opportunity to create your own personal practice, ask questions and receive direct, detailed and patient instruction at a level that is not always possible in a group class setting.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced practitioner sessions can be tailored to address your requirements at this time. I specialize in yoga for women, yoga therapy, yoga for weight loss and yoga for sports professionals.

I try to keep my yoga classes dynamic, engaging and enjoyable. Combining many years experience as a yoga teacher with my knowledge of the ancient roots of yoga, meditation, somatic therapy, fitness, dance, nutrition and natural medicine. I encourage students to explore their full potential, align with their natural rhythms and open themselves to healing at the deepest levels. While increasing fitness and flexibility both on and off the mat.

Sessions last one hour and are available in person, priced at 45 euros, I can accept bookings most weekdays between 9.00am and 9.00pm CET. If you cannot make it to a a live session I can now also offer this service via the skype platform. To make a booking please use the connect page or message directly to rachelwildyoga@protonmail.com


Group Classes -

Back Soon

WORKSHOPS - Yoga for women's wellness

This workshop is available on request to women's groups, wellness centers of other healthcare facilities.


My own retreats will be back in 2023. I can occasionally accept bookings to host retreats for centers in need of a teacher. If you are interested in booking my services for an event or corporate workshop please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Please visit my youtube channel for free yoga sessions online.

The Physical Benefits of Yoga


*Yoga improves balance, strength, posture and flexibility      

*Yoga reminds us how to breath properly which benefits the innate immune system and enhances general health.  

     *Yoga helps to relieve physical and mental symptoms associated with stress.     

  *Yoga improves circulation.      

*Yoga supports healthy digestive function  

*Yoga is an effective pain reliever

*Yoga helps to regulate the functions of the endocrine system, restoring normal hormone production.      

*Yoga helps us to regulate our metabolism and effectively manage our weight.   

*Yoga can help us to realign with our bio-rhythm and enhance womb health and fertility.

*Yoga asanas and prana-yama or breathing exercises help to prepare the physical body for the process of meditation.

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