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Initial Consultations cost 45 euros and are available in person or online, via the skype platform. I can accept bookings most weekdays between 9.00am and 9.00pm CET. During a consultation we will work together to explore your current level of health and lifestyle. Combining my knowledge and experience of yoga, nutrition, herbal medicine and somatic healing techniques I shall seek to support you as you take control of your own well being and address your ultimate health needs at this time. Taking your health into your own hands.

What Can You Expect to Achieve?

* Discover the root cause of imbalance in your mind-body

* Create a personal yoga practice

* Learn more about your personal bio rhythm

* Explore nutritional and herbal healing techniques you can apply to your life today

* Look at how you can restore healthy habits to your life

*Experience enhanced reproductive health

*Learn how to cleanse, heal and create a connection with your womb

*Reclaim your feminine power and creativity

*Learn how to live in greater harmony with your body and natural patterns

What is Health To You?

From old English hælþ, health is described by the online dictionary of etymology as meaning, wholeness or a being whole.

The ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Indians, Chinese, Arabic and Greeks were all known to utilize the medicinal power of plants. They understood that the healing properties of nature's remedies work in synergy with the vibrational qualities of the body.

Natural medicine systems date back far further than written records exist.

Once upon a time women were the primary healers on earth and it was normal for the knowledge of plant medicine, herbal remedies, oils and essences to be passed down from mother to daughter.

Correct knowledge of real nutrition and plant medicine is essential for complete health. As is a recognition of the monthly cycle of your body.

Following unnatural diets and lifestyle, becoming disconnected from our feminine bodies and monthly rhythms can leave us feeling burned out, fragmented and un-grounded. Separated from our source and divine natures. When this happens we lose our ability to thrive and our health suffers.

Long before the introduction of modern medicine, healers acknowledged the spirit and encouraged the understanding of a person's ability to correct their own health by taking control of their mind and emotions. The holistic approach to healing has been largely neglected in current times. While we stray further and further from health sovereignty during each sacred stage of our lives.   

When the body, mind and spirit are in balance we create the environment in which our health can thrive.

 In the early 1900's, Dr Harold Saxon Burr working from the Yale university of medicine claimed that diseases were in fact detected in the energy field of the body before physical symptoms appeared. The tiresome work of Robert O Becker [an expert in the field of tissue regeneration] confirmed that electromagnetic energy in the nervous system governed healing and the growth process in general.  Therefore to attempt to treat sickness at a physical level alone is clearly a handicap. 

Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda are two of the oldest recognized systems of medicine on earth and are used by millions of people worldwide. While both systems co-operate with the healing power of nature's remedies, both practices also have a strong awareness of the energy body. Ayurveda recognizes different doshas, or constitutions in people and acknowledges the importance of considering the individual when restoring balance. Where medical medicine has largely adopted a one size fits all approach.

I have personally spent most of my life studying and practicing the ancient healing arts, learning from indigenous peoples, yogis, celestial medicine practitioners and light workers who have been kind enough to pass along to me many wonderful remedies and practices that assist the health of body, mind and spirit through this life journey.

For a long time almost every aspect of society, including our approach to healing has become over masculanized and the feminine principle has been neglected. Women have adapted to become harder or over intellectualized, loosing their primordial center and intuition. This has led to a decline in the health of the individual and the collective feminine.

Times are changing and more and more women around the world are being called home, becoming whole, rediscovering their birthright, health and power, restoring balance to their lives and earth.

Join us.

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